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retrenchment which seems unfairretrenchment which seems unfair

Labor »Posted 13 Dec 2018

legal question i am been retrenched on the basis of operational requirement and the site shutting down however i work for a group, i have received my notice and upon meeting to discuss it i was given an hour break and called back in for consultation 1, but the company has made its decision to shut the plant and any other alternatives they say are to expensive to try, we have already been told that the plant will close on the 31st of December 2018, in June 2018 we were transferred to the current employer under section 197, the manager for the site since June was sent to a different site and we were informed that he will oversee 2 plants with 2 weeks spent on either site, but it has never happened, we were not even introduced to the director, but now that we were issued with the notice the director is on site and making sure all staff are working, in order to clear out the factory.

in November the company brought in a possible buyer of the plant and equipment but the staff will be employed by a 3rd party on a new contract of employment with less favorable conditions and a drastic cut in pay except one individual who apparently falls under the core business of the buyer and will be employed directly by the buyer, when this was not accepted we are now facing retrenchment, we are basically inline with a customer service business and as of the 1st December all collections and deliveries to the plant as ceased as per managements instruction but this was never communicated to the staff. customers were referred to the potential buyer to continue their services, however i have just been informed that a person from the new business is going to my clients with a list of items they have which has been signed of by my manager, he has give the potential buys all customer info that we have.

all security and cleaning services were given noticed stating that there last day will be the 30th of November, now the security company has an extension till the end of January 2019 and we were without any cleaning services, even had hygiene equipment removed until, the shop steward approached the director because the conditions had become so unhygienic that he called for the cleaning company to comeback for a month.

please could you help me on the correct manner to handle my current situation, what should be my next step, i am not apart of any union

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