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can I cancell the deal Consumer Protection 20 Apr 2014

I bought a house the agent told me I will be able to occupie the house,I was told the person staying there will vacate the house,tht did not happen the...


What happens to a person who doesnt pay maintanace Family 15 Apr 2014

DNA were taken to prove partenity..He agreed to pay 800 a month then he quit his job when he was goin to b garnished! The only money i got from his profident...


cut off hours of work Labor 15 Apr 2014

Can my employer cut my working hours and pay with immediate effect if there is a shortage of work. She did not give me any notice, just a letter that I...


Does legal separation apply in South African law. Family 14 Apr 2014

I'm 31 yr female.Live with hubby.Has high risk pregnancy(on bed rest) and other 2 kids are school going.Physical separation is a challenge for me now.Hubby...


What are my rights in terms of cell phone charges by service provider Consumer Protection 9 Apr 2014

I was invited by my cell phone service provider to upgrade to a new phone with the upcoming renewal of my contract. I was advised that upgrading from the...


being blacklisted and request help Human Rights 8 Apr 2014

i am an SA citizen and I found out that I have been blacklisted by the university I was studying at due the fact that I could\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'nt pay the...


maintanace for children Family 6 Apr 2014

i am unemployed and the father of my son (1year3 months) is working and moved to another place. Ever since he started his new job he's not taking care...


Immediate eviction from property and removal of possessions under 24hr Property 26 Mar 2014

Landlord claims that he did not receive the deposit or the rental as claimed by the tenant. Tenant claims payment was made. Waiting for reply still from...


my company deducted my p/fund money, but never send it to the p/fund c ANY 25 Mar 2014

my previous company deducted provident fund from my salary I have all the payslips as proof, but I was only paid out for the year before 2011.the company...


What can i do to sue Ellerince furnitures Consumer Protection 22 Mar 2014

I bought bedroom suite and LG Home theatre at Ellerince and they delivered the damaged one saying they will come and change it. They didn't come since...


can I keep my engagament ring Maritime law 16 Mar 2014

I was engaged and now he want his ring back,I need to vacate our house also. Together for almost 3 years


Being abused by my husband and i want to leave him. Not sure what to d Family 21 Feb 2014

We are married traditionally (lobola only) we didn\'t sign, we\'ve been together for 7 years but married for 4 years and everytime we have an argument...


child father supoena to court cant get order service no one at his pro Maritime law 19 Feb 2014

What can I do need to go back to court this month he never pitch for the first hearing now a supoena was issued try to delivered there is now one at his...


Can i get my full purchase price back and return vehicle Consumer Protection 19 Feb 2014

Goodday I purchase a VW POLO CROSS for my wife in December 2013 and paid R130K cash for it.The night my wife collected the vehicle,a drunk guy mistook...


in case car to be repair by service provider from bank how can the off Motor Vehicle 18 Feb 2014

i thibedi waiting for the almost a year to repair my motor vehicle since i personally closed my account as to draw bank attention how can office assist...


who gets the deceised proterty the girlfriend or the deciesed mother Property 9 Feb 2014

I\'m seeking help regarding my late brother\'s house title deed.


Child maintenance,ex in default! Family 2 Feb 2014

My ex was ordered to pay maintenance,but hasnt paid for years..i did not hand him over cause i just didnt want the whole court issue,but now im really...


Custody / recent matters regrding my daughters Family 31 Jan 2014

I was recently asked to sign papers under duress for my daughters to stay in Johannesburg. I reside in Sasolburg. I need legal advice on how to get them...

Dear Sir The legal principle applicable to this matter is the following: 1. What is in the best interest of the child? 2. How old are the children?...View

Divorce unknown whereabouts of husband Family 30 Jan 2014

Grounds for divorce - irretrievable breakdown. We have not lived together as husband and wife or had any communication for over 1 and half years. I...

Good Morning Susan The process that needs to be followed in these circumstances is to apply to court to grant an order authorising substituted service...View

Can you please advise regarding urgent financial support pending a div Family 28 Jan 2014

I have moved back to SA in October 2013, but my husband is staying and working in the UAE. Is there any way I can apply for financial support from my husband...


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