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collecting my vehicle from panelbeaters due to poor service Motor Vehicle 30 Sep 2011

my vehicle is at the panelbeaters for over 3 months we have been notified by our assurance company and the panelbeaters for a few times now that the vehicle...


Is lawful too pay for something you have\\\'nt received yet ANY 28 Sep 2011

I bought a product which saves the consumtion of electricity in your house at it cost N$11000 dollars but you can pay installments.So i sign a contract...


Help keeping Grand Kids away from Lesbian Drug Addict Partne Family 28 Sep 2011

My daughter is leaving her husband and moving in with her lesbian partner. She agreed to leave the kids (8Y and 15Months) with their Dad, but now has...


transfer of ownership of property, and swift transfer Property 7 Sep 2011

Sir/Madam, I am in India, and a person from Zimbabwae who is at present a refugee in Johannesburg according to the address provided by him wants his property...


who can finance a social development in South Africa Business 20 Aug 2011

Dear Sir/Madam, i would like you to help me search for a bank who can finance a social development in South Africa.Your assistance will be highly appriciated Thanks...


i can\\\'t afford to live in the house any more Property 20 Jul 2011

i can not afford to live in the house i\\\'m renting anymore, i found a place i can move into at the end of the month, my question now is can i give short...


want to take legal action on this vehicle issue Criminal 9 Jul 2011

Sir I bought a vehicle from a gerage in Klerksdorp. The vehicle had 140 000 km on the odometer when i bought it. I took the car to Mercedes for a service....


what are my options Motor Vehicle 15 Feb 2011

I was recently involved in two accidents on the same day,the 19th Dec 2010 afternoon approximately around 13:45pm ,The first one is partialy my fault and...


Swaziland civil marriage Family 16 Feb 2010

Hi, I\'m a South African citizen getting married to a Swaziland citizen in May2010. From what I\'ve gathered about the Swaziland civil marriage and...

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