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I want full custody of my child Family 11 hour(s) ago

I've got a problem with a baby mama. We have a 5 year old daughter and she's staying with my parents, and the baby mama made me believe that we in a long...


estate collection for the children ANY 11 hour(s) ago

my dad pased on lastyear january leaving all of us in school. my question is can't a lawyer give us a small money for our school fees because our schools...


She ignore my calls and dont send the disc either Motor Vehicle 16 hour(s) ago

The person I bought the vehicle from, refuse to send me the disc. The vehicle is still in her name. The disc expired in April already.


What is tenants rights Property 18 hour(s) ago

I'm behind due to unemployment, but start to work, with my rent.I make payments weekly now, but lawyers don't want to except arrangements with due amount....


I want know what to do Property 18 hour(s) ago

Good day I would like to know...i had a contract with a gym from 02/02/2017 until the 02/02/2018 for one year and after the one year finish my contract...


Cash sale car with endless problems. Consumer Protection 19 hour(s) ago

I bought a car at jubelee motors cash .within 10 km i had to call a auto elect to come and redo wireing to start the cars .bonnet cant open..rear wheels...

Jubelee motors selling cars as a business? If so, the consumer Protection Act applies. No such thing as “voetstoots”. Did they give you a list of problems...View

Can she take the car Motor Vehicle 19 hour(s) ago

Hi. My name is Divan. I need to know what to do, I have been paying for a car that is in someone else name. I have possession of the car but not the papers....

Hi Divan. You have legal recourse should owner attempt to repossess the vehicle. View

Can she take the car Motor Vehicle 20 hour(s) ago

Hi. My name is Divan. I need to know what to do, I have been paying for a car that is in someone else name. I have possession of the car but not the papers....


Can a lawyer sell my HP car to cover arrear rental Constitution 20 hour(s) ago

I was behind in rent and my landlord's lawyer got a court order to uplift my car which still belongs to the bank. Can he sell the car to cover my rent....


Am I to be held responsible for a banks reckless lending Consumer Protection 20 hour(s) ago

Nedbank loaned R350,000.00 to late husband who did not have permanent employment and a South African id. And again another R150,000.00 just four months...


Legal work hours from a merger viewpoint ANY 20 hour(s) ago

Hi there, I am afraid I will lose my job but how do I do about this without the threat of unemployment? I work in retail and there has been a merger which...


Vehicle accidents case Accident 20 hour(s) ago

If a person caused an accident and damaged the other person's car. What happens if the person who caused the accident does not have insurance or money...


CCMA Hearing date does it need to be honoured Labor 21 hour(s) ago

Good day CCMA hearing date already set in court. Does one need to attend the court date if it's been settled by the employer and employee before this...


Pedophilia and child grooming Family 21 hour(s) ago

A female (15) is sexting, exploiting and cutting her wrist because of a male(24). Her mom knows about it and also got her a sextoy to use with him. She...



Good day S/M I trust i am at a right place to get advise on how to deal with this situation. i am self employed and i buy and resell computers . i purchased...

It is not as clear cut as they might think. These criminal charges are difficult to prosecute. View

rights for foreign nationals in prison Human Rights 22 Sep 2019

Good day Sir.I need help /assistance / on how to go about and who can help a foreigner to protect his rights when treated and arrested unlawfully and...


Breach of agreement, settlement contract Labor 22 Sep 2019

I would like to know if I can sue my previous employeremployer (damages) for breach of settlement agreement, we agreed on a settlement that he would provide...

Hi, a damages claim would be a stretch unless you can prove that had they provided you with the letter you definitely would have been hired by the other...View

Child access denied Family 22 Sep 2019

The father of my son want me to sign a contract before I see my see my son he say if I don't sign I won't be able to see my son

This sounds dodgy. We can assist you to obtain custody or visitation rights to your son. Let me know if w would like our help in this regard. View

Inheritance of the grandparents house by grandchild Family 21 Sep 2019

Yes I do need more help,cause the cousin who is the child of the deceased " my uncle"who am staying with in the grandparents's house is harrassing me telling...


What does the Law firm require in order to free a Trust fund Accident 21 Sep 2019

I had a claim at Road Accident Fund by a lawyer ..Then when I call them ,they say the payment was made on the 26th of April this year ..Since then my lawyer...


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