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alimony payments ANY 12 Mar 2013

I am divorced since 1996,My e-husband is suppose to pay me R2000 per month,untill I die or re-marry.He paid only for a few years and then stopped completely.I...


Would you be able to assist with an urgent divorce Civil 5 Mar 2013

My divorce is on hold for over 4 years, i urgently need it to be resolved. Please help.


how can i deal with this situation Accident 3 Mar 2013

It was in the morning accident bump a car at the back. On free way . So same car bump a other car in front . 4 cars where involved. Moe same direction....


I need to obtain copies of my divorce decree Family 27 Feb 2013

I need to obtain copies of my divorce decree (No Case number)


Being billed for cell phone contract not agreed upon Consumer Protection 20 Feb 2013

Telephone sales rep; 3rd party of actual supplier;registered me on a contract with cell phone provider now funds have been deducted; was not agreed upon...


Temporary Custody ANY 19 Feb 2013

My daugther-in-law asked me and my husband to be temporary cutodians for our 2 grandchildren. Our son works in Sierra Leone and agreed that this will be...


How would one get full cusdordy of a child Family 19 Feb 2013

My husband has a 9 yers old child she has been removed from her mothers care twice by the welfare and was put in house of saftey with us for 6 months and...


how do i start divorce process Family 6 Feb 2013

i would like to know the process of divorce. im in a marriage, with 2 kids and i want out of this marriage.


I need to get information on IP Lawyers Intellectual Property 25 Jan 2013

I have registered a race with KZN Athletics to be run on 24 August 2013 and I would like to register the race in my name and protect all IP rights related...


need help regarding divorce Family 23 Jan 2013

I need help I want to apply for divorce cause the marriage is over since 2008 and nothing can save it! He keeps telling me I must take my kids ( 2 girls...

Hi Please contact me, I will be able to assist you. RegardsView

Will my son need a lawyer as well Criminal 17 Jan 2013

Situation - my son was involved in a criminal situation with other two boys, My son was accused No 3, both my son and accused No2 R3000 bail, while accused...


Advice on complex patent rights Intellectual Property 10 Jan 2013

A small business entrepeneur, servicing the medical and corporate market. I have assembled a unique assessment technology together with products for corrective...


how can i get my refund from absa bank Banking 10 Jan 2013

I did my fathers travell insurance through absa travell insurance and i did it online,so instead of selecting 90 days policy i selected 180 days and i...


guardianship documents Family 10 Jan 2013

How can I have guardianship to my kid sisters 7yrs old son


im 27 female how do i get a devorce Family 31 Dec 2012

Not even married for a year but he is treating me like shit Ignoreing me. I love him very mutch but I don't think he loves me. Cause if he did love...


How can I get my husband paid maintanance for my kids Family 21 Dec 2012

my husband quet his job not to support his 3 kids we are still married but live with another women


Divorce lawyer Family 13 Dec 2012

Hi i need to obtain the services of a Divorce lawyer in Margate South Africa, to assist me with my uncontested divorce, we have been separated for more...

Hi Guy I can assist u please contact me Regards ThamiView

Buying a Prison sentence Criminal 9 Dec 2012

My partner is currently serving a 16 year sentence in Groenpunt which is 75 km's from where I stay. In February 2013, he would have served 5 years. I...

Hi There is no such thing as buying a sentence. He must wait for his parole or apply for a medical parol, if he qualify. Regards ThamiView

who is quilt Property 8 Dec 2012

My boyfriend assisted me to get a home loan which I have been paying it since 2008 to date. At first I didn't qualify so he filled it under his name and...

Dear Madam It is a complecated matter. If she refuses to transfer the property back to you, they must pay you all the instalments that you have been...View

Divorce across boarders Family 27 Nov 2012

i am a mosotho citizen, staying in Lesotho having civil marriage with my husband (a south african citizen)who lives in Rustenburg,Northwest. we have been...

Hi Yes the case can be heard in South Africa. Please contact me if u need assistance. Regards ThamiView

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