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Neighbor harassing me Human Rights 22 Jul 2014

My neighbor always come to my gate and bang it and tell me in-words saying I must not play music is making noise and tell me i am an idiot this is not...


Can a man be convicted of rape, w/out evidence of rape on the G88, onl Criminal 21 Jul 2014

I'm in such desperate need of assistance or advice. I am begging anyone to please read my story. My husband was arrested on Monday 7 July 2014, in...


late rent payment all possessions witghheld Property 18 Jul 2014

I notified my flatmate, with whom I have NO wrtten co|tract that I would be unable to pay my rent on tio¤e due to a personal crises. She then told me not...


Full deposit paid but no item supplied per quotation. Consumer Protection 16 Jul 2014

I negotiated to have a trailer built by LA Trailers in Randfontein, paid the required deposit with promise of trailer being ready in 14 to 16 working days...

Yes, you have to place the trailer company in breach of contract, then afford them a reasonable time to manufacture the trailer, and if they don\'t you...View

who can I claim from for the damages Accident 11 Jul 2014

My insurance doesn't cover accident. . . Taxi hit a car and that car hit my car while I was standing at a stop street. Neither the taxi or other driver...


l like to get info about divorce Family 5 Jul 2014

im mother of two i like to divorce my husband. besides thats what is a divorce and my kids only not even a property or his money.what are my chances


Mauritius Divorce but live in south africa Family 21 Jun 2014

I was married in Mauritius over 2 years ago, and we want to get a divorce, we don\'t live in Mauritius, we both live in south Africa, and we have both...

Just go about divorcing on an unopposed basis and have the court order record the settlement. Call me if you want. View

Retention rights on vehivle Civil 20 Jun 2014

A guy took over our vehicles payments he skipped 3 payments and we asked for the vehicle back after which he sent it for repairs. Now he cannot pay for...


was forced to resign is it legal Labor 18 Jun 2014

Money disappeared at work. Was told to go for polograph test, which I agreed. The tester was so convincing I was guilty, in the end I refused to do the...


I want to settle this car, what do i do Motor Vehicle 16 Jun 2014

when i bought my car i took out an maintenance plan. Hyundai made me pay cash for things that is covered by the maintenance plans and made me believe i...


What can we l do to apply for divorce l am currently based in South Af Family 9 Jun 2014

I am baseed in S.A. and my wife is based in the UK.We have been apart for three years now.My question is how do we go about this when we want to go ahead...


wife refusing my 2 yr old daughter to visit me for 3 weeks holiday we Family 3 Jun 2014

I am going through a divorce my wife has my six year old son and two year old daughter. I live in durban shes just mobed to her boyfriend in Jhb. I am...


Can a father get custody of his son Family 26 May 2014

Recently the woman I paid lobolla for has left with my child without my consent her reasons being that she doesn't want me no more but her conditions of...


how to get maintenance from ex husband Family 22 May 2014

how do i get maintenance from ex husband. he always have excuses why he dont want to pay. and he doesnt worry about the kids. i cant afford it all by...


Can I appeal Temporary Custody ruling Family 15 May 2014

My husband up and left me with our 3 children,he didn't help me even financially for 4months. I then filed for divorce after he received the summons for...


how do I disown my family Family 15 May 2014

I am a 40 year old Indian female, attractive but single. I wish to disown my biological family as they treat me as a prisoner, I am not allowed to have...


How can i get them to take their car back and refund my money Motor Vehicle 12 May 2014

Good morning. I purchased a vehicle from NTT Toyota in Barberton 7 weeks ago.. I bought the car thinking it was a Ford Fiesta 1.6 Trendline (top of the...


can a warning letter be send to an abusive husband Family 7 May 2014

I am suffering emotional, finacial and sexual abuse from my husband.We have been together for 22 years but have been married for 15 years and we have 4...


How does one qualify for a maintenance ANY 7 May 2014

Hi, I want to ask what are the possibilities of a foreign guy in South Africa to maintain his child that he does not look after. and lets say the guy is...


What step should I take against my abusive husband Family 6 May 2014

my husband abuse me physically and emotionally and verbally infront of my children,which legal steps should I take against him for doing this,its starting...


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