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Relaxation of building line Property 15 Aug 2012

Relaxation of building line, Home-ownwer association giving me tough time, no uniformity apllication of rules,need to take the matter to court. Best...


charged for perjury. Criminal 8 Aug 2012

my sister husband got hijacked , the car was found and the people in possesion of the car gave a statement to police saying they were told to hijack them....


How do I sue a shopping Mall Accident 7 Aug 2012

I fell and injured myself in a shopping mall. I feel the Mall is negligent in protecting the consumer as they have rails, which can trip a shopper, placed...


theft and fraud in business Business 5 Jul 2012

I have invested money into an existing business with a friend, but I now found out that he is buying stolen stock and also writing false checks. I wish...


changing of a final order of divorce( consent form ) Family 17 Jun 2012

My ex-wife and I have been living together in our house after the the divorce in order to raise our children together. Essentially we have been living...


Do advocates pay tax Tax 8 Jun 2012

When do advocates expected to pay tax and why?

Advocates do pay tax like any other person as they also utilize public services like roads and court buildings!View

What are my chances of winning my civil and criminal cases Business 3 Jun 2012

I have been charged by a client for fraud and also a civil case. The person ordered a product from me at cost price and payed a deposit. Which i used to...

Dear sir/madam The contract will guide you in that respect, the contract will say what happens if you mandate has expired. From the facts that you have...View

traditionally married and bought a house together ANY 23 Apr 2012

I am traditionally married to the man and we bought a house which is a joint bond,we were renting before we bought the place, it is been a year now in...


seeking legal aid in cross border dispute Family 23 Apr 2012

we were cheated out of our inheritance by our siblings resident in Zmbabwe


Compensation for daughter ANY 22 Mar 2012

I gave my son property worth ħR40 000 in 1995, how do I compensate my daughter if I sell of die.


what do i do if the comlainent dont attend Family 7 Feb 2012

my sister accused my hubby who was my boyfriend at the time of assaulting my kids. now the case just gets posponed and she does not attend any court hearins...


2008 arrested for shoplifting and pay a fine after court did i have a Criminal 23 Oct 2011

I was arrested for shoplifting in 2008 judge ordered me to pay a fine and leave did she convict me did i have a recod


Where to go to find out what happened to a deceased estate Family 15 Oct 2011

I\'m trying to help twins whose mother passed on more than 10 years ago. They need to know what happened to her estate as their uncles gave them nothing...


Is it compulsary by law, for 3 doctors to be at a cremation Insurance 5 Oct 2011

I was charged optional for 3 doctors to be at the cremation of my mom, who died of natural causes at the age of 78. I am questioning this, because no one...


Can i record convertation for protection Labor 30 Sep 2011

I have been victamize at work need record conversation for my own protection is this legal


They want to blacklist me for not paying TV licence, ANY 30 Sep 2011

They want to blacklist me for not paying TV licence,I received several sms saying I must pay the debt in full or i\'ll be blacklisted from VVM attorneys...


collecting my vehicle from panelbeaters due to poor service Motor Vehicle 30 Sep 2011

my vehicle is at the panelbeaters for over 3 months we have been notified by our assurance company and the panelbeaters for a few times now that the vehicle...


Is lawful too pay for something you have\\\'nt received yet ANY 28 Sep 2011

I bought a product which saves the consumtion of electricity in your house at it cost N$11000 dollars but you can pay installments.So i sign a contract...


Help keeping Grand Kids away from Lesbian Drug Addict Partne Family 28 Sep 2011

My daughter is leaving her husband and moving in with her lesbian partner. She agreed to leave the kids (8Y and 15Months) with their Dad, but now has...


transfer of ownership of property, and swift transfer Property 7 Sep 2011

Sir/Madam, I am in India, and a person from Zimbabwae who is at present a refugee in Johannesburg according to the address provided by him wants his property...


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