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Assistance required -compensation lawyer in Pietermaritzburg Accident 11 Nov 2013

In January 2013 I had fallen in St. Annes Hospital - as a visitor. I had broken my arm and injured my knee. Had surgery to fractured arm, with pins and...


Tents Problems Property 11 Nov 2013

Hi i have renters in my house we have a contract but i gave them 3months notice, and they were to move out end of november and we called them Saturday...


How long jail sentence will I receive for R300,000.00 fraud Criminal 7 Nov 2013

I took over a period of 15 months R300,000.00 from my employer, I don't know why I did it. I gave all the money to poor people and people who needed it....

Hi there are compulsory imprisonment for fraud up to 15 years depending on the facts. I need more detail and depending of what you can repay we can try...View

Legal aid required Criminal 15 Oct 2013

Need assistance in obtaining legal aid with regard to a murder case where the youngster and family have no financial means, and there was a multitude of...


Salary issue Labor 15 Oct 2013

I am not being paid the correct salary. I was appointed as Admin Manager - but perform all Operations functions for the branch. From admin to logistics...


How to execute a South African court judgement in Nambia Civil 8 Oct 2013

I am trying to get my money from a guy who relocated to Namibia, but it\'s a South African citizen. I obtained South Africa court judgement against him,...



I want to find out I have been divorced for around 6 years, my son principle residence has been awarded to myself, but us parents we have equal rights....


sold a house and have shortfall, does it affect my tax Tax 6 Oct 2013

In 2008, I had financial difficult and I could not manage to pay for my house and I was forced to cell it. In the process I had short fall which I started...


I was suspended by Correctional serv for not disclosing of which I did Labor 26 Sep 2013

I was employed by Correctional Service by the word of mouth for not disclosing a public drinking criminal record of which I did disclose their Vetting...


insurance claim rejected by the third party Accident 24 Sep 2013

I had a car accident and the person filed a claim with my insurance, the insurance company only paid out 60% of the claim and now the third party rejects...


how to find a good divorce lawyer and what are the fees Family 18 Sep 2013

I am married inCommunity of Property to a farmer. Im the administrator of his struggling Private School. We have 3 sons who are 21 and above. Reasons...


Can I take legal action against the education department Labor 16 Sep 2013

I have been removed from the school where I was employed as a principal by the Mpumalanga Provincial Education Department to the District office in April...


divorce Family 8 Sep 2013

I m in a marriage and I don\'t love my husband anymore I planning to divorce this man abuses me and he is not honest please help me make the right choice...


Maintenes Family 6 Sep 2013

I am pregnent my boy friend just left me i want to know if he can maintane the child while am stil pregnent


I need help to put our agreement in writing. Family 3 Sep 2013

I was married for almost 3 years and we got divorced officially last year on 17th August 2012. My ex-wife and I made arrangements verbally as well as on...


what do i need to put my late mothers house under my name Property 2 Sep 2013

my mother pust away and now i have to put the house under my name

Dear Sir The estate needs to be reported to the master of the High Court within the region where your mother ordinarily resided before here death. The...View

had accident in 2009 never claimed what must I do to claim Accident 31 Aug 2013

my untie had an accident in 2009 and never claimed because she did not know how to go about it. she has all the documents from the police, hospital reports...


Is a claim against an estate valid after the claiming period ANY 26 Aug 2013

My mother passed away in hospital. As the execotor of her estate I advertised the estate as required by the law for debtors to make any claims. No claimants...


South Africian visa reqirements or if a person from America ANY 21 Aug 2013

To Whom it May Concern, 8-14-13 I Danie Bester of Uitenhage South Africa,am...


advice on divorce process Family 20 Aug 2013

I want to do divorce but I need explanation and contact numbers of the lawyer I can go to in klerksdorp


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