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can i launch a case of deformation of charactercan i launch a case of deformation of character

Human Rights »Posted 17 Jan 2019

legal question Good day!

My name is Reabetsoe Judith Leoma from Rouxville Free State.

This past festive season as my mother is a registered traditional practitioner, she applied to host an initiation school for the holidays and it was approved, everything went well until the last week of the initiation when a group of women went and accused of not being initiated herself and caused a commotion.

I called the local police who called the local initiation school forum. Due to my mother\'s health state, we later reached an agreement that she will join her initiate for the last week as to cool things off. Well, that did do work, the next day they got visitors with accusations that my father and a stranger were seen half naked entering the initiation hut, which was a total lie because my father was in Bloemfontein working.

During this period I had to drive on a daily basis to bring my mother medication food and some of the things they needed in order for them to survive. The week went by and on Thursday the local initiation council came to the house to deliver the news that the woman request for a two week extension for my mother which I and my sister declined as we both have obligation and since my mother is not only a respectable public figure due to her being a traditional healer, a wife and mother, but because she is also a teacher and has the responsibility of reporting to work.

We have really suffered a lot of humiliation and pain as well as unplanned expenses. If any please provide us with assistance as to how we can be either vindicated or compensated in this situation.

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