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Unfair dismissal processUnfair dismissal process

Criminal »Posted 18 Sep 2019 Post Answer

legal question Good day Thank you kindly for your assistance in this regard My husband is currently in a situation where a co-worker of his’ wife spread inaccurate rumours at their workplace that indicates that my husband bad mouthed his boss at a social braai at our house where this particular couple joined. She mainly approached the owner of this company to discredit her husband for misusing a company vehicle etc and then threw my husband under the bus as well due to us not adhering to a friendship on the long run. This woman has serious issues and her time is spent by causing disruptions as far as she goes. With all this said, this was addressed immediately by the owner of the company by confronting my husband and suspending him without pay until the hearing takes place which is today. Thus two days without pay and on hear say of a unstable person WITHOUT any proof. With advice given from a third party I contacted this woman via email and whatsapp and printed all receipt proofs of it on the day of the accusations requesting her to withdraw her opinions or I will continue to take steps against her. She reacted on that in an informal way that she refuses to do so. My questions: • Should we go to a police station and open a case of defamation? • What is the process thereafter? • What is the punishable offense she can face? Feedback from the disciplinary hearing was all put onto record. No verdict was given as to date and time but my husband was sent home and was advised that he will be contacted with the verdict. Until then he is at home without pay. The last part of the conversation during the hearing also recorded on the minutes of the meeting was where the owner of the company mentioned that indirectly my husband and myself is now being countable for this woman trying to commit suicide last night. My questions: • Can I sue this owner out of my capacity as outsider for defamation as well? Thank you kindly for your assistance hereof Kindest regards

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