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Need Legal advice on money being ownedNeed Legal advice on money being owned

Consumer Protection »Posted 4 Dec 2018

legal question Good day

I have 3 questions, you will think I am not too smart having so many legal issues.

1. I have sold boutique contents to someone using a rent-to-buy contract. The lady got divorced and stopped paying the money and even failed to return the goods. She still owes more than R30 000. What can I do to get the money? (2015)

2. I have ordered a paid a vacuum sealer from a company but they never delivered it. When I started investigating, I realised that I am not the first one to be scammed by them. I have lodged a complaint at the Consumer Commissioner, but they have just started ignoring me as soon as they realised that I actually have a case. This was R17 000 (2016)

3. I have paid someone to lay paving at my house, the people came but it was never done right (they were not competent but did not agree) and then eventually they said they will pay the money back. They are not paying me and constantly promise, they owe me R1 000 (2017)

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