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Mother not giving consent Mother not giving consent

Family »Posted 13 Feb 2019

legal question Mia is 3 year old girl who gets night terrors. Her father (parents divorced) wants to get the right help for Mia, and she needs to undergo a forensic assessment at a forensic social worker. Mia's mother does not want to give consent to this. She does not contribute financially and the primary residence of the minor child vests with the father. How do we proceed?

Mia has an 8 year old brother. They both attend the same aftercare and this aftercare informed the father that they are 'too naughty' to stay there. He then proceeded to find new aftercare facilities for the minor children and a new day care center for Mia. The mother also does not want to give consent to this.
What do we do? What is the children's rights and how can we act within the law to make sure the children are put first?

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