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Law as a career- Things you need to know. Law as a career- Things you need to know.

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Thomson Posted 23 Jan 2019 Read More News and Blogs
Law as a career- Things you need to know.

Choosing lawyer as a profession can be rewarding but it also need a good hard work, dedication and a high level of commitment.The legal industry in South Africa is exceptionally competitive and there are many different career paths to choose from.The profession of a lawyer is a challenging one. A lawyer profession is a notable profession and an honorable one. Preserving the specialties of any profession is a challenging one. It profession can say various glorious stories in past, but not only the past stories can lead this to a glorious in future, for that a continuous effort and work are needed. By receiving the lawyer’s profession the person should meet certain hurdles in the society and in court. The clients of the lawyers are people with a different mentality and from various part of the society, they are dealing with the criminals, family matters, and company matters all the session of the people are related with them.


The initial stage of a lawyer is very struggling one, they should work hard to find the contacts for clients, the shortage in contacts will affect the lawyer's carrier. As the young lawyer passed out from the college they need the internships, but the stipend that getting from that internship is very pathetic. They should manage it for some time. in this profession, the “ God Fathers” are needed. It may affect the success of the legal profession; also the similar with other field lawyer’s field is also very competent. Thousands of law graduates are passed out from the Law colleges. The less amount of payment in a competition career like advocacy made the young lawyers very struggle. 


By the ethics of the lawyer when the time they sign the case they must  try to save their client, they should think and work to resolve or escaping their client from the case. Without taking the challenges or set aside the emotion no any person became a successful lawyer in their life. The long working hours in the law firms are another problem. At the beginning time of a Junior Associate take a long time to complete their work, but when they get to practice or as time go it takes less time than it takes at first. The attorneys facing different problems from the court and from the society.


If a common people want to hire a lawyer to appear on his case most of the clients choose the senior lawyer. Is anybody thinking about why they are choosing the senior advocates? There are so many interesting facts on it. One of the important factors is that the experience they have in court. The value of experience is very high. The client has trust in the senior advocate because of their experience factor and they never take a chance to fail the case.

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