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Lack of service delivery from ISPLack of service delivery from ISP

ANY »Posted 31 Dec 2018

legal question Our wireless connection was upgraded in November 2017 and in December 2018 the connect because so poor it was not possible to use the service that we paid for. An technician came and inspected everything and said that in 2017 the wrong type of hardware was installed by them.
Since then they have stalled and we are not receiving the service we paid for, we thought of not paying but there is a clause in the contract that says we may not deny payment for any reason.
Does South African law allow them to take us to court even if we do not pay due to their non service delivery.
Also since they say we have to give 30 day notice when we terminate the service. If we terminate and do not pay because we got a new ISP without the 30 day notice can they insist upon payment

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