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Help for expat family with child from unmarried parents Help for expat family with child from unmarried parents

Family »Posted 7 Jan 2019

legal question Good Morning and Happy New Year,

I need to apply for a passport for my youngest child and I am very concerned about the rules. We are South African and live in Thailand.

I cannot trace her father. She was born out of wedlock and although he flew into Bangkok for her birth and sign the birth certificate application at the embassy 7 years ago he has never lived with me and in fact has not lived in the same country.

He has also not contributed to her upbringing in any way including financially.

I am stressed because I have no idea how I will continue to apply for her passports in future if I cannot find him. He works internationally. I also feel trapped because I am told I need his written permission to travel in and out of South Africa but cannot get this either. My child is 7 years old and has never been to South Africa nor met her family as a result.

I read Section 21 of the children’s act and was hoping this would help in our situation especially since he never lived with us nor has he financially contributed or contributed in anyway.

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