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Enforcing a labour court awardEnforcing a labour court award

Labor »Posted 9 Feb 2019

legal question Got an award from the CCMA, company applied to have the decision rescinded by the commission and reviewed by the labour court. In both cases it was not successful. I proceeded to get the decision certified and took the writ of execution to the sheriff.
1) The company now claims its unable to pay the amount awarded - even though in their review they submitted that they would pay within 15 days .The statement under oath was accepted as the security bond.
2) The sheriff thus far has not made an inventory of items to be attached but has on two occasions called me to her offices to accept an offer of R1000 over a period of 4 years. I have thus far refused this offer as it not made in good faith. When l probed why she has not acted on the directive of the court she stated the company was being liquidated. I asked if the company had provided evidence to this fact :none was provided

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