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Competitive and Attractive Legal Skills for Job Seekers Competitive and Attractive Legal Skills for Job Seekers

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Thomson Posted 1 Feb 2019 Read More News and Blogs
Competitive and Attractive Legal Skills for Job Seekers

Legal career positions differ largely in scope and responsibility. There are certain core legal skills that are needed for most legal positions. If you are choosing a career in the law, it is wise to polish these legal skills to stand out in today’s competitive legal market.

Communication Skill

Communication skills – both oral and written –  is one of the most fundamental tools of a legal professional, and it is up to you to demonstrate this at all stages of the application process. A lawyer who has the power to express himself freely, efficiently and vividly in a language can obtain a better legal career growth. Every law graduate must be clear in his thoughts, and the same will be reflecting through his voice. A confident lawyer who has a strong written and oral communication skill wins more bonus points, in court and outside than other lawyers.


Analytical and Logical Reasoning

Legal professionals must learn to review bulk of complex information efficiently. Legal analytical and logical reasoning skills include:

  1. Reviewing and keep tracking complex written documents, drawing inferences, and establishing connections between legal authorities.
  2. Developing logical thinking, organization, and problem-solving abilities.
  3. Structuring and evaluating arguments.
  4. Using inductive and deductive reasoning to draw inferences and reach conclusions.

This skill makes a person more perfect. Every lawyers need to have a great deal of information, while studying law and  preparing for a case, then be able to manage and evaluate the information in a logical manner.

Knowledge of Law and Legal Procedure

All legal professionals requires a basic knowledge of substantial law and legal procedure. All legal professionals must have the following general knowledge.

  1. Local, state, and federal court systems.
  2. Relevant filing deadlines.
  3. Relevant legal terminology.
  4. Fundamental principles of law in the practice areas in which they work.

Time Management

Legal professionals are under constant pressure to organize time and manage large workloads. Therefore, legal professionals must develop:

  1. Superior multi-tasking skills.
  2. A strong work ethic.
  3. The ability to meet tight deadlines.
  4. Calendar and time management skills.




Legal professionals do not work in a void. Even solo practitioners must rely on secretaries and support staff and team up with co-counsel, experts, and vendors to deliver legal services. Moreover, since the needs of the client may transcend the skills of one attorney, one paralegal, or one practice group, teamwork is essential to individual and organizational success. 

Working as part of a team is a crucial skill for successful lawyers. Demonstrating your ability as a team player is important in securing a training contract.


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