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Advice regarding to money owed in civil case and subsequent affordabilAdvice regarding to money owed in civil case and subsequent affordabil

Property »Posted 10 Sep 2019 Post Answer

legal question i have received a summons to appear at a affordability hearing in regards to money owed to a former landlord my problem question stems from the amount owed going over the brake down of the amount in question it is apparent that the 3 months deposit that i payed and never received back isn't reflected any where in the calculations this amount would have a huge influence into the amount owed the total deposit was 13500 and amount owed according to the documents before interest and fees was 19600+- also i vacated the property on the 1st of July 2017 and i am receiving this summons on 15 August 2019 do i have any recourse as i really cant afford to pay any significant amount per month i was unemployed up to November 2017 and am only now getting back on my feet

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