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3rd Party Unresolved, Stationary, Struck in rear, STOP STREET ON HIGHW3rd Party Unresolved, Stationary, Struck in rear, STOP STREET ON HIGHW

Accident »Posted 16 Jan 2019

legal question Hey guys,

I desperately need to be put in touch with a Pro Bono Lawyer or somebody who could assist me with my 3rd party accident claim. I was the last of 3 stationary vehicles struck in the rear by a motorcycle recklessly straddling lanes, I was stationary at the time.

Discovery has defended their client (who admitted responsibility to me at the scene and changed his story the next day) but aside from that, Discovery Insure has defended their client by stating the first party struck jumped a stop street....on the N1 in Cape Town....

I have plenty of witness statements, email trails, and even correspondence between the 2 insurers where Discovery created the ridiculous narrative of a stop street on a National road with 4 lanes and a 120km/h speed limit. Please help, my voice is not being heard and I can\'t afford to pay for it to be heard.

I plead for your assistance on this matter, I'm really desperately struggling to fix my vehicle so I can sell it for a deposit on one that actually gets me to work and back.

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